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An amazing result and conclusion

An amazing result and conclusion

Dr. Murry Salby is a well known climate scientist.      He was a Professor of Climate Science at Macquarie University in Australia.    He was sacked brutally while overseas and likely for preaching his conclusion, that man did not create global warming, that the computer models are now obviously and utterly wrong.

His excellent clear and unequivocal speech on the subject (in Hamburg) is available at

Dr Selby in Hamburg (In English) 

I would specially commend the graph at 58:40 and onto a startling conclusion, that CO2 and Temperature are not related as predicted, but that CO2 behaves like the integral of temperature!  (1:04)

Murry does not try to explain this clear phenomenon, that CO2 in the air is directly related to temperature and predictable by the integral of temperature over time.

So while utterly destroying the ridiculous single cause CO2 computer models of warming, he has discovered something both startling and requiring explanation.

The explanation could be very simple and fits the heating scenario.

Temperature drives heating and cooling heat transfers.   They are proportional for Henry's law.  The air and the top levels of water heat and cool quickly, sunshine to night time, summer to winter.   You could consider the temperature the driver of heat exhange, which it is.   So in plotting temperature, you are plotting what is driving heat from one medium to another, ocean to air and air to ocean.  There conduction (not much), convection (quite a lot) and radiation.

However underneath the top layer of water is 4km of cold water, water that does not move much, that has little convection and slow conduction.    Remember you are heating it from the top down, not bottom up.   All the turbulence is that the top.    For transfer of heat, the total amount of heat transferred over time is the integral of this driving force.   The sum of the area under the temperature curve.   This exactly matches the graph of CO2.

So the integral of temperature over time gives the total heat transferred into the oceans when heating does not exactly match cooling.

In a simple way, if Temperature measures the force behind heat exchange in the oceans or in the whole system of air, water surface and deep oceans

The energy transferred H = k*T*dt.   And if  the change in temperature of the oceans is directly proportional to the energy transferred and the CO2 amount proportional to that you get

                                    [CO2] = k∑Tdt
the observered and precise result.

So Dr.Salby's extraordinary conclusion is almost obvious with the wisdom of hindsight.

Heating the water releases CO2.   Global warming of the globe, largely the oceans, releases CO2.  Man cannot change CO2 in the air much no matter how much fossil fuel he burns.   35Billion tons per year is no match for the 100,000 billion tons of CO2 in the ocean and the forces of equilibrium.

The next time a warmist tries to suggest man made CO2 is all still in the atmosphere, the key argument behind AGW, ask him to explain why C14 concentrations are not 2/3.   Explain why C14 is vanishing.  Explain why CO2 is related to the sum of all the temperatures, not the temperature itself.

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