Thursday, 14 November 2013

It's all gone

It's all gone, all the man made CO.   All of it.   Fossil fuel and bomb CO.  The world is far bigger.  The seas are 400x bigger than the atmosphere, far bigger than all the trees, far, far bigger and heavier than everything man has ever done.   It is all gone.   The seas are immense and cover 2/3 of the planet to 4.25 km deep.  They have been ignored.

The conclusion from the bomb graph tells us all this unequivocally.   I will see if I can explain how.

The C14  created by the atom bomb blasts is a special radioactive Carbon, but chemically just ordinary carbon and it reacts with oxygen to form very chemically ordinary CO, but a radioactive CO which we can detect even in tiny quantities.  Sure it is very slightly heavier but otherwise absolutely identical to C12 and C13, the common isotopes.   So?  

Whatever happens to the trace gas C14O happens to all other CO2 (a mix of C12O2  and C13O).  Remember the rules. C14 cannot be destroyed.     What happens to C14 is happening to all CO2.  C14 just happens to be in the mix.

What the graph shows is astonishing.   It is the picture of what happens to all  CO2  .The extra C14O created by man vanishes quickly back to the historical average and it's not coming back.  So must all CO2, as  C14Ois nothing special.     It is not treated differently to other CO2.  What is special though is that it really does not come back at all.  It is gone.

How does it happen?  Why does it vanish completely?    C14 rich CO goes into the oceans and different CO comes out of the oceans continually like all the other CO.   However the mass of CO in the oceans has the old C14 ratios, so the C14 ratio drops quickly to that coming out of the oceans, which has the 10,000 year old equilibrium levels.    What happens to this CO happens to all CO.

Yes, if you are older than 50, your breath, the exhaust from your father's car, that Guy Fawkes bonfire, the output of all those cars and jets and WWI and WWII and all those people and animals and plants, all gone.   Adolph Hitler's CO is gone.  All the CO vanished, not just the  C14Ofrom the bomb but all the C12O2  and C13O2 .    All of it   All the fossil fuel CO2 .   That is what this graph tells us.   For those who are 35, half your CO2 is gone.  

Perhaps you are thinking this special CO disappears separately from other CO, because it is unusual and treated differently? No that is (almost) impossible.  Perhaps its equilibrium is a separate from that of CO?  No, there is no such law.  The only reason the  C14O2   vanishes is because all the other CO vanishes in the same way, continually into the huge ocean reservoirs which contain 93% of all CO on the planet.

Are you now amazed?    Are the questions now starting?   Where did it all go?   Why?   Why is total CO2 going up if all the CO2 is vanishing?    For the answers to the many questions, consider the other blog posts.

Postscript:  To demonstrate how big the oceans are, consider the population at 6 billion people.
The oceans are 1.3 billion cubic kilometers. So this is 230 million cubic metres of water for every human on the planet. In olympic swimming pools at 2,500 cubic metres each, this means 100,000 Olympic swimming pools for every human.  End to end you could swim from New York to Atlanta (2000km or 1200 miles) in your own 8 lane olympic pool.   The water controls our lives, our climate and our weather.  We do not control our world.   The planet decides how much CO2 is in the air, not us.


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